What we do

Salsa classes

Learn the most famous Salsa in the world ‘Cali de Salsa’ right here in Hobart.

Fridays  6pm – 7pm


            710pm – 810pm

Team Workshops

If you want your team to explore new depths in a open, fun filled and high energy environment then let Dana guide you on an individual and interpersonal exploration. Bring your team together and lets the results speak for themselves. 

Birthdays and events

Are you looking for your children to have something more than just gifts this year. At Salsita, Dana will throw your children a Colombian style birthday to remember. Hours of dancing, music and games, leading up to the giant pinata challenge. 

Salsa is just a vehicle.

When Dana Suarez says “Salsa is just a vehicle to get to another place,”


“Salsa is not what I do.”

People go, “What, but you’re a Salsa teacher. You have a Salsa company.”

What she really means is that she is helping people be comfortable with themselves.

“On their first classes, many people become all serious and rigid, their faces screw up and all they’re thinking about is don’t make a mistake, don’t make a mistake, but they don’t hear the music. So I say slow down, listen to the sound. Get out of your head!”

When people arrive she politely tells them to leave their past weeks at the door and put on their smile. The warm up consists of deep breathing, fast dynamic movements and some shouting. Dana uses many techniques to clear the cobwebs and get people present in their body.

“It takes people a little while to get used to it because we live in such a polite society but after that little period, everyone feels a sense of release.

“To move is to be happy, and we were born to do it. You don’t see a depressed salsa dancer because they are in their natural state.”


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